A Year in the Making

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I woke up this morning and the first thing I heard was a sleepy, yet smiley “Happy Anniversary.” It’s the way our relationship is: full of great tenderness. We spent this past weekend at the College Club of Boston where we got married last year. With great affection (and a lot less stress) we remembered the holiday lights on our walk to Quincy Market the night before the ceremony, encountering the Santa Speedo Run on the way back from the hair salon, engaging in moments of nervousness leading up to the big event, and having fun at the reception as everyone began to dance and mingle.

In the year that’s passed, we’ve had a chance to travel between our honeymoon in St. Marten and a trip to France to see his family. As they were unable to join us for the wedding, we relived the moments with them through pictures and wonderful meals. We’ve gotten the chance to celebrate joyful moments with loved ones such as the arrival of a new niece on Christophe’s side of the family and the weddings of two sisters from my side of the family. We’ve experienced the quieter moments that come when we’re both “geeking out,” accomplishing things for work, but we balance these stretches of time with movie watching and fun with friends.

What I love is that there are simple things to look forward to on a daily basis. He enters a room with big hellos and shuffles around the house with his funny walks. He always leaves and returns from work with a kiss. Oftentimes, he’ll crack me up with unexpected acts of goofiness. I used to think that what I wanted in a guy was someone who was talented and witty enough to keep up with my cynical nature. I find that what I needed was someone genuine and thoughtful enough to help me lay some of that cynicism aside. When I’m working later into the evening, I’ll often come home to find that he’s made something for dinner. I don’t mind eating the bowl of cereal or bag of popcorn after work, but coming home to a homemade soup or stirfry is like coming home to a big, fat hug.

What I especially love is that we’ve been able to help each other work through problems as well as celebrate good times. We’ve both had our share of challenges this year, asking us to lean on one another in ways we haven’t yet done in our relationship. But, we both have caretaking in our personal natures, so we dig in and figure out how to get to the other side of things. It’s not that I value hardship over celebration, but, when the chips are down, it’s always nice to know that someone truly has your back.

Tonight we’ll be cutting into our anniversary cake, but I know that, with Christophe, life will always have its measure of sweetness. Happy Anniversary, Sweetie. I love you and hope that this is just the first of many, happy years to come.

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