My (hopefully) Funny Valentine

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Last week, I watched my sister, Christine, put together some simple Valentines for her younger daughter’s class. The holiday hadn’t really been on my radar screen, but watching her patiently write the kids’ names in glitter started me thinking about Valentine’s Day in general.

It made me think of being a little person myself, taping a decorated paper lunch bag to the back of my chair. It made me think of my dad’s common refrain on that day: “Why do you need a special day to show love? You should show love every day.” (where was Pinterest at that time?) I thought about the first time I had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day and how embarrassing it felt even though he was a real sweetheart about it. I thought about the awesome Valentine’s Days I spent with other single gal pals: getting tarot card readings done, having a great dinner and talking about past jerks and future hopefuls (these were some of my favorite V-days). I thought about the unfortunate timing of putting a little effort into dating at the beginning of the year and having a first date land on Valentine’s Day (getting to know somebody when everyone around you is sumo wrestling over dinner can be a real feat). And I think about how I spend the day with Christophe, my everyday Valentine.

I still like giving Valentines even though most of it is electronic now. Scheduling a massage and pedicure has been a great way for me to give back to myself (since I am bad at following the advice I give to others concerning regular work). Even sharing funny anecdotes and videos on Facebook is a great way to spread the love although there are some people who are amazingly consistent in providing the funny every day – I love these people!

For those who read this post and/or visit my blog regularly, this is my Valentine to you. I love you for reading and hope that there’s a chuckle to be had somewhere in every post. I love you for being patient when the stretches between posts are longer then shorter. And I love you for the great feedback you give when I bump into you at parties or on the street – it encourages me to keep posting. Sending e-hugs in your direction and hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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