The Cable Free Experiment – Part Two

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“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone…” prophetic words from Joni Mitchell which sum up the past month as we went cable free. Last time I tagged in, it was the beginning of the experiment. I thought I knew what my watching habits were and thought that doing without cable for a month wouldn’t be so bad.

It wasn’t total agony. Christophe had invested in this gadget called the Roku box. It connects directly to your router and streams internet channels to your tv. As I’ve spoken to folks over the month, more people had this technology then I thought. But many hadn’t touched it in awhile due to the limited number of channels available when they purchased it. That’s the benefit of Roku: you get to pick the channels you watch vs. being inundated by a gadgillion channels that you don’t. At this point, there’s a greater variety of channels to select from. You can get Netflix, Hulu, Ted, and Pandora. There’s news, fitness, science, and religious channels available if that’s your thing. Roku even threw in Angry Birds to tempt you toward some of their gaming channels.

My favorite discovery was As it is currently difficult for me to partake of my beloved vinyasa yoga, there are more restorative classes to choose from according to duration or teacher. There are also other forms of yoga that I’ve been curious about such as Kundalini and Yin and I look forward to exploring them at my convenience. Nothing can really replace the experience of being surrounded by people in a toasty studio with the teachers that I know and love. But until I am able to return back to the nest, is a more attractive alternative then a straight dvd.

Outside of these discoveries, though, something was still missing from my entertainment experience. I realized that when I did happen to be home on the nights my shows aired, I couldn’t get to them. I could see them the next day on Hulu or on the network website which was okay at first. But when I was home on a Sunday night and couldn’t catch Downton Abbey, I was climbing the walls. I also couldn’t jump on Facebook as I have many friends who enjoy the show. As I no longer work in an office environment where it’s easy to exchange thoughts and observations, it made me feel isolated and disconnected. The more it happened, the more itchy I felt.

The clincher was the Grammys. I didn’t mind missing the Golden Globes and some of the other award shows, but I do enjoy watching the performances on the Grammys since I don’t get out to concerts as much as I used to. The network website said that they were going to live stream the show and I was excited. But when the time came, the footage aired was all the backstage interviews and shenanigans that occur while the performances are going onstage. I heard the next day that I didn’t miss much, but I was a sad little puddle that night.

We finally decided to get cable back last week and no night made that more worth it then last night. Despite the fact that I haven’t seen the vast majority of pictures up for best movie, I was looking forward to seeing Barbra Streisand and Adele perform at the Oscars. We returned from visiting family on the Cape half an hour into the show but, luckily, we hadn’t missed too much. The dresses, the presenters, the performances – I was in heaven. I even stayed up until the end to watch the surprising appearance of Michelle Obama to announce Best Picture.

I still don’t consider myself a humongous tv watcher since I rarely watch any reality tv shows and try to limit the number of shows I follow. But I’ve learned that I’m definitely attached to the shows that I do watch and still maintain a love of pop culture and theatricality. I can’t keep up with it the way that I used to, but it’s nice to know that I don’t have to travel far to get my fix.

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